Why we choose Gmail toll free number for gmail issues

Obtain result oriented technical support to fix Gmail related problems

Gmail is a very popular email service provided by the Google. Gmail is best known for its highly secured mailing features that make it more preferable among the users to send and receive emails. Without any much of stretch, users can access Gmail on various kinds of devices and configure with other email services. If users face any technical problem, they contact Gmail toll free number to get an effective assistance to fix the various problems.

Some technical issues of Gmail are:

  • Gmail password recovery issues.
  • Unable to send and receive emails.
  • Configuration errors.
  • Spam and junk email issues.
  • Unable to sign in.
  • Account hacking issues.

Why to choose Gmail toll free number for Gmail issues?

Everyday Gmail users face lots of technical issues and find an effective technical assistance to fix them. But nowadays, it’s not a difficult task to get assistance. You can dial Gmail toll free phone number and obtain highly reliable assistance from the certified experts. They will provide all the possible solutions to fix various Gmail related problems. Within a short span of time, you can without much of stretch fix all kinds of technical issues. This number is available at 24/7 hours and can access across the world.


How to contact Apple Safari support team for popup issue instantly?

Sometime user may get technical glitches while browsing on safari browser due to pop up issues. To block pop error, user can seek impeccable resolution from apple safari technical support. Have a rapid eye on set of instructions that need to be followed to resolve the hiccup immediately.

  • User is required to swiftly check settings of web browser safari and security preferences
  1. User is required to hit single click on apple safari browser
  2. Furthermore, user is required to proceed to safari browser that appears on screen
  3. Moving ahead, user is required to turn on block pop ups for safari in cost effective manner.
  • Another approach user can try to resolve issue has been given below.
  1. User is required to hit single click on utilities option that appears on screen
  2. Furthermore, user is required to launch terminal application in reliable manner
  3. Moreover, user is required to disable pop up blocker type in significant manner. To know more about the process and get rid of plethora of hiccups, user can reach out apple safari customer service to procure magnificent solution in nick of time.
  4. User is required to enter default write safari browser in space provided and resolve the hiccup in quick span of time.
  5. Finally, user is required to hit click on enter option to apply the accurate changes in quick span of time.

Get in touch with technically brilliant expertise-Make a call now

Every time when user fails to work in proper manner with safari browser, user can drop call on safari support number that is flashing on web portal to receive the solution in blink of eye. Technical expertise are highly knowledge to resolve enormous technical snag in jiffy. Get ready to seek satisfactory solution 24/7 round the corner of planet irrespective of time and location. Stay connected today with professionals to combat technical bugs at doorstep.



Gmail is unequivocally the leading email server and so are its features and services. When technical bug taunts Gmail users can visit the Gmail resolute technical support service to resolve some of the usual technical bug. Besides there are many intricate technical error those that are distinct as Gmail IMAP and POP setting changes, How to configure Gmail account in MS outlook.

The support sites and solutions available on the forums are not inclusive and they are although precise but have number of instructions to be followed. To make it easy for Gmail users of Gmail can contact the technicians at Gmail technical support for any technical problems to be solved by Gmail support team. The support team has professional technicians who are trained with upgraded programme to provide instant solution with assuring solution to a number of technical errors.

To get an effortless and inclusive technical support for a number of Gmail related technical error contact our technicians at Gmail technical support number. We make an effort to upgrade the service from the feedback we receive from the customer for an optimized solution that is efficient, reliable and instant. Speak to technical representative and debug the technical error while saving both the effort and time


The Google chrome is the progressive and cutting-edge technology internet service provider that gives an instantaneous effect to the user. The Google chrome technical support phone number provides help to the user.

The Google chrome that ponderous that provides the excellent approach to the users and the absorbent effect that manages and run on the different operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 too and on Android devices. The cumulative approach that makes a Google chrome better than the other internet services is the fast speed of browsing. The breakthrough effect that helps the user to speed up the opening of the web pages very quickly with basic design and easy functionality.

The Google chrome which has a difficulty in loading an operating system such as Windows 8 or Windows 10. And can get resolved by Google chrome technical support phone number at ease.


There are various issues that take place while working on the Google chrome on these operating systems are as follows :


  • User faces issue related to the nonworking of the Google Chrome in the system


  • The issue related to the freezing of the new tab in the window and the working procedures won’t work and this making glitches to the user


  • The issues related to the troubleshooting problem and makes a problem to the user


  • The problem related to the cleanup tool that Google chrome provides and cannot able to run on the Windows 10 OS


  • The complication that arises due to the resetting of browser and the chrome does not support these OS



Non-working problem in Windows 10: The dilemma that the user faces is the nonworking of the Google Chrome on the system either on Windows 8 or the Windows 10 and this creates a havoc to the user. The Google chrome tech support number is provided to the user at the website and user can call the toll free numbers that are given for free of cost. The numbers are available 24X7 and a user can call and get the best possible solution to the problem.

Issue related to the updations of the Google chrome: The issue that arises and causes the hassle to the user and the updates of the Google Chrome cannot get done and creates a critical point of departure. The notion updation results in the virus and unwanted issues that can evoke in  the Windows 10

Thus the issues can get handled by simply contacting the Google chrome customer support team of experts who are technically qualified and professionals. The nonworking of the Google chrome in Windows 8 leads to more worriment to the user as the fastest speed cannot get obtained. The higher the priority of the obstacle then the higher the solution is provided to the user.The service team of experts gives the elucidation And the rectification of the issue at the high end and the peak to peak clarification are provided to the user. The unfolding issues in non working of Google chrome in Windows 10 can be get eradicated at high speed by the customer support team of experts that are provided by the Google.


Hotmail is one of the oldest and the most popular email service known to the world. Hotmail has also remained as the favorite choice over the decades to the general people. Hotmail was used at both – professional and personal levels. Hotmail is mostly preferred because of the easiness, user friendly application and the reliability that it has. Due to these things, users do not hesitate for using Hotmail for communicating with one another at homes or at offices. Sometimes, as this is also another service, it also get some technical  issues. Hotmail customer service helps all the Hotmail users in overcoming these issues just so they could use the service without any interruption.

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There are so many issues faced by the users but one major and the most common issue that is faced by the users worldwide is forgotten password. In such cases, the help can be taken by calling Hotmail technical support phone number and getting the new password for the email account. There are some steps that you will have to follow and they are as follows:

  1. The name for Hotmail is changed to Outlook.com, but the users of Hotmail cans still use the email ID that they have in the outlook page as per the terms and conditions that has been set by Microsoft.
  2. There is always a link present just below which says “Can’t access your account?” You will have to click this link and after that, tap the option “Forgot my password”
  3. After the above steps, you will have to open the page of Outlook.com and type the email ID of Hotmail there.
  4. After this, Hotmail will ask for the verification of the user identity. For verification of the identity of the user, there are four methods:
  • Email: If you have set any secondary email ID previously, then you can have that recovery verification code in that secondary email.
  • Text: If you have associated any mobile number with the account for Hotmail, then you can have the verification code by SMS.
  • Using the app: You can also use the app for getting the unique verification code only if you have used the Hotmail mobile app previously.
  • Other situations: If all the above options just cannot be used, then Hotmail arranges and asks a questionnaire of security questions so that the user identity could be verified.
  1. After this, verification code generates and you have to put in the box appearing on screen.
  2. After code verification, a window for password resetting will appear and you can reset the password.

SBCGlobal to Outlook – a practical guide for email account configuration

Our technical team appreciates you if you want to configure your SBCGlobal email account to Outlook.com. In that program, you need to follow some steps, demonstrated here by our experts.

Program opening

The configuration process will differ on the operating system you are using, whether it is Windows or Mac. Please open the outlook program on your operating system. A start menu will launch in case of a Windows computer while the Mac users will be awarded with a ‘finder’ button. After searching out the ‘tools’ menu, you are instructed to hit it.

Addition of SBCGlobal account

Come to the second stage then. An ‘email account’ button must be visible here. Its selection will give you the chance to ‘add a new email account’ as the drop down menu brings that in front of you. SBCGlobal technical support now instructs you to select the pop3 button which will come with the request to add desired display name. Also, enter the email address.

Filling up the server information

For a successful synchronization, it is important for you to fill all the information you server wants to get.

Incoming mail server – pop.att.yahoo.com

Incoming server port – 995

Outgoing mail server – smtp.att.yahoo.com

Outgoing server port – 465

Hit the ‘save’ button to prepare the server completely.

Filling up the account information

In order to move the configuration process forward, you are suggested to fill the account information now. Enter your user name and password carefully. The selection of ‘remember password’ will help your computer to remember the password. However, it can be ignored. You will find the button inferior to the password bar.

What will you do if you face any challenge in configuring the account?

The finest thing about your account configuration is the support service that is one call away. Just dial the SBCGlobal tech support phone number to get assisted by specially appointed engineering team. As predicted, the toll free number is available on your contact list. Otherwise, you could collect it from our web portal. Even you can contact with this engineering team for any query related to your synchronization.

What is the Use of MS Office with Different Products?

MS office is literally a boon to a classic work environment. Since it is the best desktop publishing application, so you can use it as per your work requirements. Suppose you intend to write an important letter to your client, then MS word would be the best tool to use or you can also use MS Excel for the database of your client.

What is the Use of MS Office with Different Products?

Well, the advantage of using MS office? Undoubtedly, they are many ! However the following points will clearly discuss how great it would be to use MS office for a number of your varied tasks:

  • Perfect for all the businesses.

  • This application is much easy to use.

  • If you ever get stuck into problem, you will get free on line support from Microsoft with the help of free templates.

  • The Internet is flooded with unlimited tutorials and help pages for using Outlook which will help you learn how to use and manage the application in a proper manner.

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so, the ones who are doubtful as to the advantages coming out of using Outlook, then the above points would be a great help to them. Apart from these benefits, there can be other notable advantages you might gain while using MS office. Hence what are you waiting for?

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Start using MS office suite to streamline your business. If you finding yourself in trouble then don’t panic and try to contact to MS office technical support phone number which is the facility avail at any time from anywhere around the world.